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Floor cleanings with specialized cleaners can run from around $0.07/sq. ft. all the way to $0.80/sq. ft. De-greasers, pre-treats, densification & sealers, and square footage all define the price.


All-inclusive programs are solely based on needs, size, and traffic. They include cleanings, repairs, re-seals, joint fill/repairs, and a yearly deep scrub. These are customized, so price varies widely.

Restorations and staining will be around $1-$2.50/sq. ft. depending on the condition of your floors.

Polished concrete will cost between $3-$7/sq. ft. for residential. Commercial polished concrete can be as low as $1/sq. ft. Size, condition, detail work, repairs, removal of previous goo, color, sealers, and location all play a big part in determining the cost per square foot.